Wild Groves Artichoke Green Olive Spread 7 OZ 198.5 G

Article number: Wild Groves-016
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Flavor - California Artichoke and Green Olives Taste & Aroma - Smooth buttery artichoke flavor with green olives Culinary Category - Appetizer, Hors d'oeuvre, Spread, addition to Charcuterie plates Uses, off the top of our head: Spread over crackers (your choice) Spoon with a slice of french baguette (toasted or not, it's all good) Pasta Quesadillas Meat sandwiches Pairs well with: Wine (any) Goat cheeses, strong-flavored cheeses, and aged Gouda (our favorite) Dipping olive oil (any.... but we recommend Ascolano / Traditional BV) Tequila Jalapeno Mustard (to go with your sausage links) Garlic Stuffed Olives
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