Fall River Wild Rice

Fall River Wild Rice - Believe it or not, wild rice really isn’t rice at all. In fact, it’s the seed of Zizania palustris, a tall, blooming water grass that prospers in shallow lakes, marshes and streams. It is the only cereal grain native to the North American continent. Wild rice is grown in the clean, clear waters of the Great Lakes region and in the fruitful western valleys in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada’s and the Rocky Mountains. Wild rice was a staple food of several Native American tribes. It was called “manoomin”, which means “precious grain”. Wild rice remains “manoomin” for us today – a culinary gem. Highly Nutritious - Exquisite Flavor - 100% Natural - Multiple Uses, from Salads to Desserts, all these qualities turned wild rice into an exciting alternative for innovative chefs and the perfect choice for a healthy balanced meal at home.